It is a tremendous and delicate challenge for Forestal Anchile to reach the sustainability of our company on a environmental, social and economic standpoint, aware that the production maelstrom and the social demands often go against caring for and protecting the environment, breaking down the desired balance. that is why we are working hard to make this concept as the central focal point of our activities, changing the way of working at our sites and the mentality of our workers by means of new procedures, courses, technical sessions, etc, also improving and intensifying relations with our neighbors and stakeholders, while obtaining greater revenue by consolidating and diversifying our markets, all based on the responsible management of our processes, and following this path, we hope to reach the proposed goal.

For Forestal Anchile, respecting the environment is one of the important pillars to be taken care of to attain the sustainable development of its operations. That is why all our sites are managed responsibly, taking care of the forest's productivity, the biodiversity and its ecological processes. Some of the projects implemented by the company have been:

  • Almost 50% of our property is protected Native Forest.
  • More than 5,000 ha of this are High Conservation Value Areas (HCVA), of social, cultural and environmental types.

Of these are for the purpose that future generations can continue living in and enjoying a suitable protected environment.


Master Plan, Forestal Anchile Ltda.
DAIO Forest Policy
Forestal Anchile Ltda's Environment Policy

In the social plane, our company values and deeply respects the relations and the dialog with our workers (direct and indirect), the local communities, and the authorities and institutions which represent us, taking special care in carrying out forestry operations so as to impact the life of our neighbors as little as possible. For this we permanently get together and work with them looking for joint solutions. All of this effort is made with the idea of maintaining beneficial long term relations with all the workers and neighbors, participating alongside this in local development to attain a balanced, sustainable and socially responsible growth.