Forestal Anchile Ltda. is a forestry company founded by 2 Japanese companies Daio Paper Corporation and Itochu Corporation on June 2nd 1989. Our main office is located in Osorno city of Los Lagos region, Chile and our forests cover approximately 59,000 hectares distributed in La Araucanía, Los Lagos and Los Ríos regions.


Currently Forestal Anchile Ltda. has plantations of approximately 30,000 hectares, mainly eucalyptus nitens, with the main business based on export of woodchip to Japan and other Asian countries.


Forestal Anchile Ltda. also has presence in the chilean domestic market of saw logs and pulp logs for Sawmills, Pulp Mills, Hardboard Mills, among others.


Forestal Anchile Ltda. through its subsidiary Maderas Anchile SpA has a nursery located in the district of La Union, which supplies seedling produced with selected seeds for forestation and reforestation in its plantation sites as well as for sale to third parties.